Monday, October 15, 2012

Me Too, Flower

I was shocked by how good is this drama. I saw the title, looked online and read the synopsis but I was not compelled to watch it until trolling through tumblr and read one poster’s review.  I then decided to take a shot at it…. OH. MY. GOD!

It is not stated directly, but the police chick is older than millionaire boy. Now part of the review I read said that he may look like a kid but he kisses and acts like a boss. You are pretty much spellbound and in the process of watching, you forget his actual age...His voice? Just dreamy.

Things I liked:
·         Yoon Shi Yoon as Seo Jae Hee : He really acted awesome I think. He owned that role and that kiss! I can’t help it folks he’s a few of the youngins that made me forget I was 34 and wanting a piece of that action. He is definitely in a better place mentally than his love interest but he has a few ghosts and issues he deals with once he hooks up with his girl.
  • Lee Ji Ah as Cha Bong Sun : Look, I’m not gonna lie she is like the female version of male douchebags in most dramas we watch. She is completely jaded, cynical, sarcastic troll wrapped up in I-hate-the-world burrito.

But once her story starts unraveling, man just kills me! Why are you so awesome and can I hug you?!
·         Jo Min-Gi as Park Tae-Hwa: Cha Bong Sun’s shrink. He is really great in this drama. His insights are phenomenal! His story and his bits are just great.
·         Han Go-Eun as Park Hwa Young- Bitch is crazy.
You think she is normal and has crush on millionaire guy but DUDE! She gets like batshit crazy. and you are like, you need help.
I can’t say I disliked anything really. I think the premise of the drama is very different from most drama I’ve seen. You got a depressed police officer who everyone and I mean everyone hates. And her coming to terms with her issue, meeting a man who helps her heals and in turn heals him too. Very cool. Not too angsty I think but all in all I really great gem of a drama. 3 kiss scenes for those who are interested to know. I give it a 7 out of 10 woo woos