Friday, November 9, 2012

Lie To Me

I have officially watched it two times. The ending still bugs me but thanks to tons of searches and explanations, I was able to understand what the ending was all about….
Yea they should have just stopped at the box (I will elaborate later). Here is the synopsis. Even though the ending made you scratch your head and bust out your GPS to find what you thought you lost (like the resolution?). It really is enjoyable, hot and the pace of the love story was good. But now thinking about it, two people got screwed and I kinda want to know what happens to them.
 I never care about other secondary characters unless the drama presents them in a way that you need to find out because, because, dammit you made them interesting and I have to know if they will be happy.
On to the things I liked!
·         Yoon Eun-Hye as Gong Ah-Jung- She is pretty stable when you meet her. First thing that bugged me is, why she is genius in planning touristy stuff for the country but cannot figure out that the guy you befriended is your boyfriend’s younger brother! One other slap –her- in- the- face silly behavior is talking to your frenemy , it really is beyond me . I would have slapped her (frenemy) two Sundays ago and paddled her ass until she cried for mercy and gave me a massage (cause that’s how I roll). Last thing that bugs me about  her that I thought was really out of character was her doubts about her relationship with her man and had to go away for 3 months to find what she lost. Yea good luck with that sista.

·         Kang Ji-hwan as Hyun Ki-Joon- He totally gave you the impression he would be a snobby toe tapper. The only flaw he has is his indecision in not wanting to hurt his ex-fiancé and wanting to start with his new girlfriend with his ex-fiancé out of the picture. You got that? If you didn’t I’m sorry, it’s Asian (the drama that is) they like to run in circles. He's all, "I’ll stay in the picture until you get over me" and she's all, "Oh no you didn’t! We were engaged and you can’t get all up in another relationship and forget about me." You get the deal.

·         Sung Joon as Hyun Sang-hee- Brother of Hyun Ki-Joon he was the cause of his older brother breaking up with his fiancé. Granted he knew her before she met his brother and she only liked him as a friend. He disappears after he caused all that ruckus only to meet our girl Gong Ah-Jung and start falling for her. But don’t worry, he learned his lesson sucked it up and…. You see we don’t know what the hell happens to him. WTF drama?!
·         Jo Yoon-hee as Oh Yoon-Joo- She is not a bad girl in the typical dramas. Her story is quite sad and understandable. Though she is a little loopy if you think you can walk back and think that everything is the way you left it cause really… you silly girl!
What happens to you when you get over him?
·         Hong Soo-Hyun as Yoo So-Ran-aka the frenemy. I consider her the bad girl. She was Gong Ah-Jung’s best friend. She knew her ultimate crush and decided to marry him and not tell her until Gong Ah-Jung busted her. They haven’t spoken or seen each other until they ran into each other at a beauty salon (years after) with her trying to rub in that Ah-Jung is still not married thus provoking our heroine to say a little white lie which escalated into Defcon 5! Along the way So Ran tones it down and ends up being friends with Ah-Jung but honestly, her sincerity is lacking and I wish she would disappear for, ever ,ever ( adapting Taylor Swift’s song there).

Things I didn’t Like
·         Gong Ah-Jung has to be either one thing or a little of everything without going out of balance. You can’t get her to be too naïve and not realize she didn’t put 2 and 2 together about the younger brother. Have her be the go to person at the Tourism office. But be all I need my space because I need to sort this out like a reasonable and seasoned woman. Yeah not buying it for some reason.
·          and So Ran- Throughout the whole drama you really want to punch her in the tit and laugh at her hardships. But the whole friendship make-up I don’t buy. I don’t know if the actress didn’t convey it convincingly or in the end she is like a cat. She can be cute and petted but can turn on you if she is not in the mood.
I forgot to mention you have the aunt who in this case is not a bad person per say but boy is she pushy. Always threatening our boy. There were a few times I shouted at her. I said “He graduated, runs the best hotel there is and you want to kick him out if he doesn’t do it your way?” Also “He said he would handle it like he’s always done! Why do you doubt?!” (insert meme here). “He’s only close to 40!” I tell you. All in all it really is a great drama. Those few quibbles for me didn’t take too much from the drama. If you’re in doubt about the ending, comment me and I’ll explain it to you as I’ve researched it.  Oh almost forgot about the box. The box was sent to Ah-Jung from her boyfriend. He packed cute knick knacks that chronicled their love life. I think it is the most romantic and sweetest thing I man can do or send to a woman. If the drama showed that and show when they meet at the end it really cements why she left and what she thought she lost. But noooooo they had to elaborate so much that the meaning got lost. The important thing is that the ending is happy folks. I give it 7 out of 10 Woo Woos