Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunny Happiness (Taiwanese Drama)

25 Episodes of cool and just-blow-me-up-oh-my-god! WHAT IS THIS?!!! WTF?

The first Episodes were good. Very entertaining and funny. For more info click here.
But then I started having issues with this drama:
1.       I had 2 episodes which I needed to read the recaps, because for some reason they decided not to have these 2 episodes available. I’m not sure if this was a ploy to get us drama watchers to tune in though, honestly, those 2 episodes just want me to want to carve my brain out with a rusty spoon.

2.       I don’t mind the nobility stupidity as everyone in the drama circles calls it. But IF THE GUY TELLS YOU HE WANTS TO START OVER WITH YOU, HE LIKES YOU! Then freakin go for it! She is told REPEATEDLY! He says he has no feelings for his ex, she is just my baby’s momma.  Seriously how many excuses can she drum up to avoid this guy?

3.       Baby momma’s behavior doesn’t add up. She is one cool elegant ex-anchor woman. And all of sudden she goes from I-can –handle-it-cause-I’m –a-tough-bitch to  I-want-my-ex- let-me-resort to-tactics-to-break-them-apart.
4.       I felt that this drama could have used fewer episodes.
5.       I’m bothered why I haven’t heard about the kid’s reaction to the ending.

What was okay (can’t say I liked):
1.       The main guy Xiang Yun Jie is a cold blunt rich business man. His first marriage was screwed and finds out he is a daddy. His progression to being his old self was good and his patience in dealing with Yong Yong is phenomenal. I would have dropped her so fast you have no clue. The man is a saint.
2.       Fang Yong Yong is cool for the most part. What I don’t get, for a woman who is sarcastic and speaks her mind she sure is stupid when it comes to love. Granted, she is not experienced but really?! What does it take? I’ll tell you what it takes. It takes a whole bunch of people for you to realize they do want to see you happy! STOOPID!
3.       Xiang Yun Chao is the younger brother of Yun Jie. Whatevs
4.       Fang Yong Yong’s family, is the comedic relief of this drama.

In conclusion my friends. If you want to blank out your mind and you are in the mood to shout at your laptop then Sunny Happiness is for you. I give it 4 out of 10 Woo woos. Can’t even bother in posting the woo woo pic.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Personal Taste

I remember reading the synopsis and thought I dont know if I want to watch it. Especially the way they described it. I typed away like a mad woman and confirmed it had a happy ending and thus broke down to watch.
OH.MY.GOD! What is this gem of a drama?! First episode was hilarious and I screamed so hard
I had my husband running in the room only to give me a nasty look and walk away.

LEE MINHO is in it?! Why did I not see this?!!! (Facepalm). So after watching it, I was raving , I was bitching and I was recommending it to my cousin to watch it.
Things I liked about the drama:
       Lee Min-ho as Jeon Jin - I have watched several dramas with him in it and I can say he is a solid actor. On top of that, very good looking and can kiss a girl that is guaranteed to have her do unspeakable things to him.

       Son Ye-jin as Park Gae In- I liked her characters personality but there were a few things about some of her personality  that I wanted to slap her repeatedly and scream out loud why is she making us women look bad!!!!! I forgave her because she got the man and I envy her. She will be lip locking that son of a bitch like a Chinese finger trick.
       Kim Ji-seok as Han Chang Ryul- A very, very attractive guy. The dick ex-boyfriend who I came to find out is in I Need Romance 2 (which is currently airing). I will be watching you closely sir.
       Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee- OH.MY.GOD! I thought the bad chick from City Hall was bad but this one here. UGH! Where do I begin?! She must be one helluva an actress for me to go over and bitch slap her so hard. Her character is truly despicable and whatever redemption they gave her in the drama was not enough for me. She should jump off a cliff somewhere.
I felt the synopsis on wiki was not accurate so I decided to clarify some things.  Jeon Jin is an up and coming architect, to cement his place in the industry he competes with Chang Ryul (another architect firm) to bid on designing a museum.
Jeon Jin finds out that the museum director wanted Park Gae Ins dad (renowned architect) to design it. But due to circumstances, he never finished and never wanted to do the work. Thus leading Jeon Jin (stroke of luck) to meet Park Gae In and somehow live with her under the guise of a gay man. Let the hilarity, spark and romance begin.
There are more things involved but we are talking about the OTP here. In any case if you want to watch a funny, romantic and heart pounding drama Personal Taste is the right one for you. I give this one 10 of 10 woo woos.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lucky Bitches, We want to be them

Taking a break from posting the dramas I have watched so far. I wanted to make a list of the men who can kiss the paint off the walls; Who make you realize somehow your panties dropped and walk off on its own to take a cold shower because even they couldn’t even handle it.
This is a list of men with the greatest lip massages on T.V. That’s right, the women involved had their lips caressed, pulled and tugged that caused this girl to drop her Miller Lite and sweat more profusely than a contestant in the Biggest Loser.
Want to see?
Seriously watching these men plant one makes me crawl closer to the tv, pucker my lips in phantom kisses thus scaring my husband and my dog. Let’s start from oldest to youngest shall we?

· Cha Seung Won (42)- He kissed great in The Greatest Love but City Hall for me was the hottest –oh- my- god why- can’t- I-get –guys- to- kiss- me -this –way-  instead –of- shoving-their- tongue- in- my- mouth and- oh- my- god- control- yourself -man!- Kiss?
The dialogue following up on one particular scene made me scream out to him I WILL NOT SLAP YOU BUT RAPE YOU REPEATEDLY! Plus knowing she got down with him one night later on in the drama (sorry spoiler NOT!) LUCKY BITCH! UGH WAE!
The Lucky Bitch?: Kim Sun Ah

· Kang Ji Hwan (35)-I ran into Kang Ji Hwan after I got the momentum of watching more dramas.  He might not be ridiculously good looking compared to Yoo and Won but he has a certain magnetism and can be quite handsome. The first one I saw of him wasLie to Me. Oh.My. God. I’m still stuttering over the deliciousness of those kisses. WHAT A LUCKY BITCH! 

     There are a couple of scenes, but one that stood out for me is….you guessed it, the “Cola Kiss”.  Dude, is it scary to admit I could almost taste it? Apparently, in dramas when they have a scene that makes an impact, especially kiss scenes, these cute South Koreans decide to title them. Such as the “Coffee Foam Kiss” (Secret Garden) , “Tip-Toe Kiss” (Queen In Hyun’s Man) and so on. So let me introduce you to the “Cola Kiss”, which made me howl like a bitch in heat .I couldn’t find one with just dialogue and no music. The moment I’m talking about starts at 0:52 
The lucky Bitch?: Yoon Eun-hye

·         Gong Yoo (32)-Yes I’m talking about him again get over it! For me the Coffee Prince kisses are just lovely and one scene?.... Um, hi please come over and bang me against the door, you-fine-thing-you. Also in one scene in a movie called Finding Mr. Destiny where he picked the girl up and put her across his lap **sigh** Gong Yoo I think I love you.
Since I can’t find one with just dialogue and no music the moment I’m talking about starts at 1:30 (but feel free to watch it all) and in the this one starts in 0:04 (this is the movie scene) The lucky Bitch?: Yoon Eun-hye (this makes 2 hot men you made out with. Unbelievable YOU LUCKY HO!)

·             Ji Hyun Woo (28)- Okay he was a total accident. Do you want to know how?.... I saw that Queen in Hyun’s Man was a drama that was out and still airing at the time, as I was trolling along the tumblr sites. I saw one particular gif and I thought, wow what a nice kiss scene.

More episodes air more gifs posted. Wow who is this guy?
What I found  Umm…….. Looking up dramas with him in it right NOW!

I haven’t watched Queen In Hyun’s Man...yet. I’m trying to get myself in the mood to watch it. But from the recaps I’ve seen I know I will like it. Especially if it has scenes like this one the “Tip-Toe Kiss”
He is not extremely handsome though he could be if that picture is any proof. But man can he kiss like a boss. In fact, the woman he co-starred with are in fact dating in real life after they made the drama YOU.LUCKY.HO! I would date him after a steamy kiss like that! Just so you know this whole drama has kisses in every other episode so you get to see him in action.
The lucky Bitch?: Yoo In-Na
·         Yoon Si Yoon (25)- (Starting in dangerous young territory) I ran into this bad boy watching Me Too, Flower. There are maybe like 3 kiss scenes in it. But one in particular made me forget I was 9 years older and made me forget his baby face look. He is not my type of guy and the fact he is 25, I usually tend to look the other way, but if he kissed me like that though I would probably reassess the situation. I bring to you chicken joint kiss with a twist (I made that up) 
          The lucky Bitch?: Lee Ji-Ah
Can I just say that she kisses like the boss. None of that lips-closed-cause-I’m-afraid-I’ll

·           Lee Minho (24)- AGH!!!! Dude I didn’t think I would look at a dude who is 24 years old, BUT…This guy will probably change my mind with a smile and kiss that will have completely erased my ability to function in society.

I was first introduced to him with Boys over Flower (lots of cute boys in it ). But what cemented my fascination for him (upcoming post) was Personal Taste! HELLO Baby Jebus. ONE HOT KISS that had me swearing why I was 34 and not 24. The “Game Over Kiss”

Holy shit, he may have a bit of baby face but let me tell you he has got swag, a hell of a smile that would melt the ice caps and his lips!!! HIS LIPS and HIS KISS OH MAH GOD! I will give you this piece of decadence so you can bask in it like I have. SHE IS ONE LUUUUUUCKY HO!  In her head I know she said Hallelujah he is a MAN?!!!!! There is another scene which I won’t say but I wholeheartedly want you to watch this drama.
The lucky Bitch?: Son Ye-Jin

·         Jung Il Woo (24)- I CAN’T HELP IT you have to see it so you can understand why he is in this list! Met him by watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. He grew on me as far as looks. But once he planted one I was floored and I was mimicking that kiss like an idiot in front of my laptop. My dog’s head hangs in shame (whatevs). Also he has this scene where he kissed the chick in the cheeks. Dude, is it crazy to say that it was also hot?  Tremendous amount of pheromones coming off this guy. All I can say is bravo.
The lucky Bitch?:  Lee Chung-Ah

Woo Woo folks Woo Woo 

1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Everyone is talking about Gong Yoo starring in the current drama Big, but some people might or might not know he starred in a drama called 1st   Shop of Coffee Prince ( on a side note Gong Yoo is beyond delicious and can act like it’s no one’s business).
Anyways, Gong Yoo plays as Choi Han-gyul. Then we have Yoon Eun-hye as Go Eun-chan (anything that this girl is in she pretty much owns it). I love her as an actress and she is really wonderful as this character.
For a synopsis, here you go

You.Are. Fuckin.Welcome

What makes this drama work:

·         FREAKIN GONG YOO!  Besides being an awesome Asian man candy, he really played his role phenomenally. I really enjoyed his character because he didn’t come across as the typical rich man arrogant douchebag attitude. He wanted to excel and reach his goal to go back to America and tried to handle it like an owner of a business.
·         Yoon Eun-hye really plays Go Chan so well. You can’t help but empathize about her problems, her triumphs and her heartbreak.
·         The coffee boys are very entertaining and endearing. It's wonderful that the writer was able to incorporate their back story and their happy endings.
·         Lee Sun-gyun as Choi Han-seong. I enjoyed watching him. I loved his character. I’m actually trying to find more of his work.
·         Chae Jung-an as Han Yoo-joo. I never encountered a character like her and I think she handled her character very well.

I like the premise of this show. A rich guy who rather build at legoland than take over the coffee business. I love his affection for his family and friends. When we are first introduced to him he really appears to be spoiled because he rather hang out with his friends when he gets back from the states. Grandma wants him to be responsible and due to her circumstance she wants it to happen soon.  Yoon Hye is the hard working girl who works her ass off to provide for her mother and sister who don’t really do much to help out. Strike that, mom does help but rather spend the money than be frugal. Young sis is going to school and trying to make it as an idol singer. Anyone who is introduced to Yoon Hye can’t help but smile at her presence and admire her strong work ethic. She really is endearing and a wonderful compliment to Gong Yoo’s character. All in all if you are looking for a funny, hot as hell kiss scenes, meaningful moments and scenes that make you jump your seat and say HOT DAMN! That right there is fucking LOVE!

 I give it 10 of 10 woo woos. Seriously people its freakin Gong Yoo.

Monday, July 9, 2012

City Hall AKA City WOW!

Ladies and Gentleman when I first watched Greatest Love (Thanks to Bre) I was captivated, nay I was spellbound by Cha Seung Won (Dokko Jin). 

I wiki'd that man and googled him to the umptenth degree. 

Thus steering me to City Hall. All I can say Kim Sun Ah is one lucky bitch. That man can kiss so good he probably makes a mormon housewife give up on religion and fly to South Korea for some hot asian namja. But back to the topic at hand, besides believable hot chemistry kisses we are talking about a great group of actors in this drama. Such an interesting take on politics, love and relationships when spouses work together and have such opposing views on their actions.

For a synopsis here is wiki's take on it.

So what I liked from this drama:

  • Jo Gook!- Freaking-sex-pot-40-something-get-your-freak-on-stranded-on-an-island-WHAT-IS -HE?!!!!-papi-chulo (term here in Miami). Forget his looks, he really can act so well. He will make you hate him but fuckin root for him like SeanAstin in Rudy.
  • Shin Mirae- The frumpy-smelly-sarcastic-but-knows-what-she-wants-heroine.
  • Lee Jung Do- Who for me was such a refreshing character. He got into Jo Gook's face told him to do his job and not be an asshole plus helping Kim Sun Ah's character at the same time while trying to fix his marriage with one of the bitches in this drama. Joo Hwa.
  • Go Yang Yi- Slow.... clap. This actress played her part so well I really want to slap a bitch and cut a ho. She had that saccharine smile and soft voice that made want to reach out and bang her head on the concrete. She made me hate her with the passion of a thousand white hot suns. 
I like the fact that this drama's topic is completely different from what's out there. For me this was a first drama based on politics. I cared about the policies and the process of getting these bills approved without making it boring or tedious. I love that there was a great balance of humor and angst and chemistry between the characters. You will have to suspend a little disbelief on certain situations but nothing off the wall. If you are looking for an adult oriented, great hot kiss scenes and make you cheer like a fan girl in a Bieber concert, this drama is the right fit for you. I rate this drama 9 out 10 woo woos.