Thursday, July 12, 2012

Personal Taste

I remember reading the synopsis and thought I dont know if I want to watch it. Especially the way they described it. I typed away like a mad woman and confirmed it had a happy ending and thus broke down to watch.
OH.MY.GOD! What is this gem of a drama?! First episode was hilarious and I screamed so hard
I had my husband running in the room only to give me a nasty look and walk away.

LEE MINHO is in it?! Why did I not see this?!!! (Facepalm). So after watching it, I was raving , I was bitching and I was recommending it to my cousin to watch it.
Things I liked about the drama:
       Lee Min-ho as Jeon Jin - I have watched several dramas with him in it and I can say he is a solid actor. On top of that, very good looking and can kiss a girl that is guaranteed to have her do unspeakable things to him.

       Son Ye-jin as Park Gae In- I liked her characters personality but there were a few things about some of her personality  that I wanted to slap her repeatedly and scream out loud why is she making us women look bad!!!!! I forgave her because she got the man and I envy her. She will be lip locking that son of a bitch like a Chinese finger trick.
       Kim Ji-seok as Han Chang Ryul- A very, very attractive guy. The dick ex-boyfriend who I came to find out is in I Need Romance 2 (which is currently airing). I will be watching you closely sir.
       Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee- OH.MY.GOD! I thought the bad chick from City Hall was bad but this one here. UGH! Where do I begin?! She must be one helluva an actress for me to go over and bitch slap her so hard. Her character is truly despicable and whatever redemption they gave her in the drama was not enough for me. She should jump off a cliff somewhere.
I felt the synopsis on wiki was not accurate so I decided to clarify some things.  Jeon Jin is an up and coming architect, to cement his place in the industry he competes with Chang Ryul (another architect firm) to bid on designing a museum.
Jeon Jin finds out that the museum director wanted Park Gae Ins dad (renowned architect) to design it. But due to circumstances, he never finished and never wanted to do the work. Thus leading Jeon Jin (stroke of luck) to meet Park Gae In and somehow live with her under the guise of a gay man. Let the hilarity, spark and romance begin.
There are more things involved but we are talking about the OTP here. In any case if you want to watch a funny, romantic and heart pounding drama Personal Taste is the right one for you. I give this one 10 of 10 woo woos.



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