Monday, July 9, 2012

City Hall AKA City WOW!

Ladies and Gentleman when I first watched Greatest Love (Thanks to Bre) I was captivated, nay I was spellbound by Cha Seung Won (Dokko Jin). 

I wiki'd that man and googled him to the umptenth degree. 

Thus steering me to City Hall. All I can say Kim Sun Ah is one lucky bitch. That man can kiss so good he probably makes a mormon housewife give up on religion and fly to South Korea for some hot asian namja. But back to the topic at hand, besides believable hot chemistry kisses we are talking about a great group of actors in this drama. Such an interesting take on politics, love and relationships when spouses work together and have such opposing views on their actions.

For a synopsis here is wiki's take on it.

So what I liked from this drama:

  • Jo Gook!- Freaking-sex-pot-40-something-get-your-freak-on-stranded-on-an-island-WHAT-IS -HE?!!!!-papi-chulo (term here in Miami). Forget his looks, he really can act so well. He will make you hate him but fuckin root for him like SeanAstin in Rudy.
  • Shin Mirae- The frumpy-smelly-sarcastic-but-knows-what-she-wants-heroine.
  • Lee Jung Do- Who for me was such a refreshing character. He got into Jo Gook's face told him to do his job and not be an asshole plus helping Kim Sun Ah's character at the same time while trying to fix his marriage with one of the bitches in this drama. Joo Hwa.
  • Go Yang Yi- Slow.... clap. This actress played her part so well I really want to slap a bitch and cut a ho. She had that saccharine smile and soft voice that made want to reach out and bang her head on the concrete. She made me hate her with the passion of a thousand white hot suns. 
I like the fact that this drama's topic is completely different from what's out there. For me this was a first drama based on politics. I cared about the policies and the process of getting these bills approved without making it boring or tedious. I love that there was a great balance of humor and angst and chemistry between the characters. You will have to suspend a little disbelief on certain situations but nothing off the wall. If you are looking for an adult oriented, great hot kiss scenes and make you cheer like a fan girl in a Bieber concert, this drama is the right fit for you. I rate this drama 9 out 10 woo woos.


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