Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boys Over Flowers

This drama had me looking up 3 actors. Lee Minho, Kim Beom and Kim Hyun Joong.  Here is the synopsis for the drama. This drama was for the most part entertaining, But I had quibbles on some of the antics in this drama.

1.     I can accept the evil mother, the girl crushing on 2nd lead dude becoming one-sided love then   flipped to one-sided love from dude. I can even accept the forced engagement. What I can't accept is the male lead getting amnesia. I mean come on. You spent the majority of this damn drama telling the story of  2 people coming together to overcome evil mom and cock-blocking 2nd lead man to jay-jay blocking and then add one other crisis because you need to fill the last couple episodes?! Seriously!

2.  Jan Di (heroine) for a feisty and tell-it-like-it-is-female, she was the most frustrating person to watch. For someone who is supposed to be so gung-ho, she really can't make up her mind.  When she finally grows a pair and decides to get the guy, we have spent 15 episodes for her to get her shit together. This is despite the fact she had the other 3 flower boys telling her about him and she.will.not.take.said advice! You YOU!

Things I liked:
1.     Lee Minho as Gu Jun Pyo- He is a dick. No question. He warms up later in the series, but you know what I really liked about his character? (FREAKIN LEE MINHO BITCHES) When he says he loves you or likes you, he doesnt change his mind he doesnt avoid the topic and he will tell you to your face. It was surprising that in a few episodes he acknowledged his feelings for Jan Di and tells her. Mind you he does stoop to the noble idiocy behavior but he never wavers. Unlike the female lead.

2.     Kim Hyun Joong  as Ji Hoo- I sympathized with second leads in dramas but once the OTP pair up I have no problems wishing them well after rejection. There are 3 second male leads that made me wish they had a chance and should have hooked up. Lee Ki Woo (the Pillar in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop), Jung Yong-hwa as Kang Shin Woo in (Youre Beautiful) and theres Ji Hoo. He annoyed me in the beginning I wont lie. But as the drama progressed he started to be outgoing and interacting with Jan Di. I was totally rooting for him so bad.
3.     Jan Di- Is cool and I can understand her hesitation in taking Gu Jun Pyo seriously.  I do understand. We are talking about a conceited and arrogant son of a bitch who treated you like a piece of shit in school and now he says he likes you?!
All in all if youre in the mood for a little suspension of disbelief (trust me, besides the series of clichés thrown at this drama coupled with a school that for someone reason lack teachers). It is a cute and frustrating drama. A good day killer. Not a lot of kisses or good ones at that but for me it was enjoyable. It led to me finding  three great guys.

I give it 6 of 10 woo woos


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