Friday, August 31, 2012

Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss

It was some form of miracle that I finished this drama. It sucks you in and then a stupid stunt happens in
the drama and you’re like this .
You fall in love with the certain characters and you have to watch it because damnit! They need love too! 
I have never seen stalking so glorified before. I mean really! This is like Single White Female shit except it’s a dude and a girl. At the rate she was going I would not be surprised if she dressed like a dude and tried to make the dude like her if he couldn’t like her as a girl. But I digress. You can read about the drama here.
Things I liked:
  1. Baek Seung Jo’s mom. She knows what her son needs. She is always conspiring in getting him and Oh Ha Ni (Main Girl) to hook up. She is a treat. Though why her son is an absolute prick is beyond me
  2.  Oh Ha Ni friends. Honestly, I can’t find the time to find their names. Very nice and entertaining girls though why they think their friend's stalking mannerism is okay is beyond me once again. This is what this show’s logic looks like

Things I thoroughly disliked:
1- Baek Seung Jo- Guy has no friends and acts like a total dick to the girl. He doesn't know how to show his affections to her. 
  I mean seriously, his behavior is so off putting it made me want to slap him like a bitch.

2- Oh. Ha.Ni- I thought the girl from Personal Taste had some issues, this chick takes the cake. Where do I begin?.... If my crush grades my love letter and makes a scene of said letter in front of every student in my school you can be sure that my love for him would have died.

If he constantly called me stupid and shows no affection until I basically tell him to go Fuck a dead donkey. WHAT DOES IT TAKE?
They should totally use her as Anastasia in 50 shades because seriously his pretty face is not enough for me to take that shit
(take that and that and that!). I’ve read that this drama is  from a manga. The ending I know is happy but meh!
I give this a 4 out of 10 woo woos.  Seriously just talking about this warrants me not to post the woo woo pic.


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