Monday, August 13, 2012

Office Girls

Thank you Office Girls for introducing me to Roy Chiu.

But I digress, you may find the synopsis here. Love Love Love! office girls to the point of watching it again along with Drunken to Love You. We got the typical son of a rich father who owns a major retail mall. Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu) who comes back from the states pretty much wants to run the mall faster than Takeru Kobayashi at a hot dog eating contest.

Typical of any Asian drama he runs into Sheng Xin Ren (Alice Ko) the hard working sassy girl in the Sales Department. What I liked is that there was no love triangle. Well the audience knows this but not the main dude. For me, it kept us focused on Zi Qi’s survival and quest in conquering Xin Ren’s heart. Survival you say? Well if you’ve not read the synopsis just yet, Zi Qi’s father wants his son to learn the ropes in running the business before he bequeaths it to him.  His dad noticed that his son is far too spoiled and wanted to teach him how to be responsible about money and the people who work for the company. This drama does have the evil mother (but not as evil as you think), and of course The Bitch who wants everything.
What I loved!:
1.       Roy Chiu: Great eye candy throughout the drama. Plus he played his role great.

His character is one who acknowledges his crush for  Xin Ren. His feelings for her doesn’t sway but boy did he have to work for it. Plus his scenes with Patrick Li…there are no words to describe the awesomeness of this duo.  You just have to watch it.
2.       Patrick Li (Shi Ta Long): He is a jerk boss at his department. But we discover that he has sweet spot for his employees. His random pop culture reference coupled with his English phrases had me laughing and cheering like a fangirl at a Jerry Springer show when he is on screen.

 I have to see him in more! In fact, he should take a leap to star something here in the U.S. He is that good, like SNL good. He is magical--really I can’t stop gushing about this guy.
3.       Liu Yu Le- Her voice is slightly annoying she is the best friend for our girl Xie Ren. She is-in-your -face-talk to the hand – kind of girl. I enjoyed her in this drama.

What I didn’t like:
1.       Xie Ren- I get the whole, I’m-insecure-because-I’m ugly-,vibe. I get the, he-is-rich-and-I’m-dumb-vibe. I get it. I can accept multiple episodes about it. But there is a limit folks. Seriously, there is a limit. It’s enough to make me fly to Taipei and start piling bodies
This drama could have been done in fewer episodes and a number of typical drama cliques get thrown in for good measure but honestly even with these little minor hiccups it really is a great drama to watch. So I hope you can drop by and give me your thoughts.

I give this drama 7 out of 10 Woo Woos


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